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Skechers launches Our Planet Matters recycled collection

By Rosalie Wessel

1 Dec 2021


Image: Skechers

Skechers has launched its recycled collection, Our Planet Matters, and announced its partnership with global environmental nonprofit, The Nature Conservancy.

The collection contains a range of men’s, women’s and children’s products. The collection uses materials such as recycled cotton, polyester, rubber, EVA and TPU.

“As a global lifestyle brand, we have a wonderful opportunity to encourage customers of every age to become more environmentally conscious in their daily lives. And Our Planet Matters is a natural step in that direction,” said president of Skechers, Michael Greenberg.

Alongside the durable and washable technologies included in the project to extend its life, the packaging of the product will list the recycled contents of each item, aimed at educating its customer.

The brand has committed to donating a minimum of 800,000 dollars to The Nature Conservancy, in order to help the nonprofit further its mission to protect the environment. The partnership aligns Skechers’ longstanding effort of reducing tree harvesting and emissions, with The Nature Conservancy focusing on reforestation.

The brand has seen a 99 percent reduction in plastic use since 2016, and has used recyclable cartons and environmentally friendly packaging materials. Skechers has also regularly ensured that its materials are FSC certified, recycled or ethically harvested.

“We are facing a climate and biodiversity crisis and the window to act is closing quickly. Each one of us has the power to make real change happen, one small step at a time. Together with partners like Skechers, we can inspire millions of people around the world to take action for the planet, because our lives depend on it,” said global director of cause marketing and brand partnerships at The Nature Conservancy, Jennifer Hoyer.

This latest partnership and collection signify Skechers’ ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Alongside its construction of two LEED-Certified Gold distribution centers, Skechers also has begun using more solar energy at its two key corporate headquarters in Manhattan Beach, with 30 to 48 percent of its energy coming from the sun.

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