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The RealReal calls Chanel lawsuit "anti-consumer"

By Robyn Turk

1 Feb 2019

The RealReal is fighting back at Chanel. The online resale platform called the luxury fashion house’s efforts as “anti-consumer” and urges people to reject its claims.

A few months ago, Chanel had filed a lawsuit accusing The RealReal of selling counterfeit handbags - an allegation not taken lightly for a retailer that advertises an expert authorization process for its luxury goods.

The RealReal responded to the trademark suit last week, requesting the court throw out Chanel’s claims. It points out that Chanel has refused to provide proof that the retailer had sold counterfeit items, despite having claimed that the RealReal sold at least seven fake handbags.

In its response, The RealReal argues that Chanel sees the secondhand luxury market place as a threat as it allows consumers the right to consign and sell luxury items. The RealReal sees Chanel’s suit as an “unfounded and anticompetitive attack.”

The RealReal claims that Chanel’s intention in its lawsuit is to “undermine consumer confidence in the secondary market, which has grown in popularity recently as consumers become more interested in extending the lifespan of fashion and accessory items, as well as find more affordable ways to own luxury items.

The RealReal