Kerry O'Brien, Founder of lux fabric fashion and lingerie brand Commando, sits down with Glossy for a podcast conversation to discuss the comeback of the independent boutique. Since the coronacrisis hit, boutiques have suffered far more than the larger retailers. However O'Brien thinks that boutiques […]

In this episode of the podcast series 'Dior Talks', Charlotte Jansen speaks to Hanson about the position of women in fashion, and discusses how she views the changes that have taken place and whether these changes will be lasting and meaningful. Hanson set up her first darkroom at the age of 13 and […]

In a conversation between Kosas' founder Sheena Yaitanes and Glossy Beauty Podcast, the clean-beauty brand shares how it has become even more of a success during the time of Covid-19. "We couldn’t be in a more timely position in terms of what we’ve been pushing for as a brand this entire time. So I […]

In this edition of the fashion house's podcast Gucci speaks with environmentalist David de Rothschild and disability advocate Sinéad Burke. The two dive into a detailed discussion on the importance of remaining curious and creative through every stage of life and the benefits of learning and unlearning […]

A feministic wave is in full swell in today's culture, and in the spirit of supporting one another female leaders are sharing their advice and experience on making it to the top. In this edition of the podcast Fashion Potluck, hosts ask former fashion editor and current designer Lisa Ross-Marcus to […]

For this episode of the UnEdited podcast, the Edited podcast, experts in data solutions for the Retail industry; the drivers have invited Ed Healy, commercial director of L'Oréal (UK) to discuss the future of beauty and cosmetic products for the male audience. The men's cosmetics market is on the rise, […]

This month’s Fashion Friday podcast series by Euromonitor International explores the ageing population and the rise of men’s beauty and fashion in Japan. Japan’s population is ageing and in decline. By 2030, nearly one-third of the population will be aged over 65. To move forward in this challenging […]

In this episode of Bloomsbury Acedemic's podcast, performance artist, writer, and LGBTQ+ rights activist Alok Vaid-Menon discusses the book Sex and Suits. The book explores the history of how fashion became a gender uniform and the struggle to eliminate gender binary. Source: Bloomsbury Academic Image: […]

Director of Innovation at Deckers Brands, Chris Hillyer, joins us to catch up on where the fashion world is right now with regards to digital materials. Are more companies adopting this technology as a serious path to a quicker and more efficient product development process? What are the limitations? […]

As Director of Strategic Partnerships within Google's Advanced Tech department, Barry McGeough knows what he's talking about when it comes to new technology. We spent some time discussing the myriad of technologies that are coming over the next few years and how this will shape the landscape for retail, […]

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