On the anniversary of Nike Air Max sneakers hitting shelves, UK6, with Jeanne Santoli, discusses why they love the sneakers. With the rise in streetwear popularity, sneakers have become not only the shoe of choice, but a statement and otfen used to spark nostalgia. Source: UK6 Podcast

How will we shop for groceries 20 years from now? Or attend live sports events? Is your childhood dream of living like the Jetsons a possibility? In this Euromonitor International podcast, Global Head of Digital Consumer Research, Michelle Evans shares how technology will revolutionize what it means […]

Athleisure, which blurs the bounds between casual and sportswear, has been a well-known trend in the fashion world for some time. South Korea is one of the countries leading this trend, boosted by the sales of leggings. Leggings in South Korea posted a retail value of 0.6 Billion US dollars in 2018, […]

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