Podcast: The future of men's cosmetics, with Ed Healy, Commercial Director at L'Oréal

For this episode of the UnEdited podcast, the Edited podcast, experts in data solutions for the Retail industry; the drivers have invited Ed Healy, commercial director of L'Oréal (UK) to discuss the future of beauty and cosmetic products for the male audience.

The men's cosmetics market is on the rise, and is forecast to hit 166 billion by 2022.

Ed Healy, with 10 years of experience in Marketing and Commercialization within multinational companies and startups, shares his opinions in this area, putting us in context within the business, that a small part belongs to the market for men.

In the future, the use of makeup and cosmetics for men will be normalized, by the hand of Generation Z and the influencers on social networks, which will lead to a more gender neutral trend.

Source: Edited.com

Image: Breakingpic / Pexels


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