61 percent of US shoppers plan to buy holiday gifts from Amazon

Retailers face a whole new set of challenges to increase their sales this festive season, due to the ongoing pandemic. Delivery Experience Management leader, Convey, conducted a survey of more than 1,600 US shoppers to highlight the trends and themes that will define holiday shopping.

Amazon is the number one choice for shoppers, with 61 percent planning to do their gift shopping there. However, there is also a negative sentiment for Amazon growing as 31 percent said they believe Amazon has a negative impact on retail.

This is up 24 percent from last January. But, 46 percent who admitted to having negative feelings towards Amazon still said they would shop there anyways. 16 percent plan to use retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

Consumers to grant longer delivery windows

Nine in ten shoppers are willing to give retailers extra time to deliver packages this holiday season due to the challenges 2020 has posed. However, in return consumers are expecting sellers to be clear about timing, communicate order status and provide fulfillment alternatives.

Almost three quarters of respondents are willing to give retailers one to four extra days for delivery, while 16 percent would wait five or more additional days for delivery.

But, according to shoppers, the top three most important delivery services are: free two-day shipping (44 percent), free shipping on returns (18 percent) and the ability to track packages en route (14 percent).

Shipping expectations must be met

Even though consumers are willing to grant longer delivery slots, nine in ten shoppers said that on-time delivery is most important.

Consumers are most concerned with the shipping of their packages or that their delivery will be late (42 percent), 17 percent are worried the package will be stolen from their porch if it’s delivered there or 16 percent worry the shipping price may be too high.

“Between astronomical increases in online orders, unpredictable supply chains and worrisome delivery delays, retailers are facing an extraordinary holiday season,” said Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, chief growth officer at Convey, in a statement.

“Our fourth annual survey helps retailers understand where to focus, and given consumers’ overwhelming reliance on online shopping this year, it’s no surprise that shipping once again tops the list. The good news is that consumers are willing to give retailers a few extra days to deliver items.

“In exchange, they are looking for free delivery with complete transparency around arrival dates. Retailers who can keep their delivery promises through this most challenging of retail seasons stand to earn loyal customers and thrive.”

Photo credit: Bruce Mars, Pexels


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