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H&M Group confirms dates for first Arket openings

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Arket, the latest brand from the H&M Group, has confirmed that it will open its first store on London’s Regent Street on August 25, as well as shipping to 18 European markets.

The brand will open within Banana Republic’s former home at 224 Regent Street in London, followed by a second store in Copenhagen on September 1, which is set to be located in one of the city’s historical palatial townhouses, the stores will also include a café based on the New Nordic Food Manifesto.

There will also be Arket openings in Munich, Brussels, and Stockholm in the coming months, as well as a further London store in Covent Garden on Long Acre. In addition, the Arket website will ship to 18 European markets when its goes live on August 25, and customers who sign up to the mailing list will be able to gain access two days in advance on August 23 and shop at a reduced rate for a limited time.

Arket is being billed as a “modern-day market” offering essential products for men, women, children and the home. H&M states: “Its mission is to democratise quality through widely accessible, well-made, durable products designed to be used and loved for a long time. The collections are composed of Arket’s own products alongside a selection of the best examples from other brands.”

Commenting on the opening, managing director Lars Axelsson, added: “We’re very excited to launch on the 25th [August] and reveal Arket to the public. We’ve been working towards this day for over two years, and look forward to finally meeting our first customers in London as well as throughout Europe online.”

First look at Arket, the new brand from H&M Group

There is a lot of anticipation for the launch and Arket has released a small selection of images from the launch collection featuring minimalistic and timeless wardrobe essentials for women such as cotton stripe shirts, organic cotton T-shirts, satin pinafores, classic trench coats, fine knits, floral dresses, tailored denim, cashmere twinsets, as well as accessories featuring sleek lines.

Other items revealed includes travel luggage designed as carry-ons for weekend or business trips, sleek outerwear for men, and porcelain kitchen items for the home. While the kidswear they say has been “designed and made to be played in, and then handed down when outgrown” with piece identifying garment specific functions and attributes including wicking, welded seams, durable, and taped seams. The first image showcases girls wearing bright pink and red knits.

Prices have been quoted as ranging from around 30-100 pounds, slightly higher than H&M, to reflect the brands aesthetic to make “well-made, durable” pieces.

Further details have also been revealed about the Arket café, which will be based on the New Nordic Food Manifesto, featuring a vegetarian menu that has been developed to “express the freshness and simplicity naturally associated with our region, and blends traditional Scandinavian flavours with modern and global influences” the brand states on its Instagram. The café will also reflect the changing seasons “through ingredients that distinguish the climate and landscapes of each local region” it added.

Arket opens its debut store in London on August 25.

Images: courtesy of Arket

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