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UK shoppers to opt for sustainable retail brands this Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: freestocks.org from Pexels

New research reports that 67 percent of UK consumers are going to pay attention to the sustainability and environmental efforts of retail brands during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping, according to digital performance marketing agency, Tug.

The research, ahead of the retail ‘Golden Quarter’, reveals that sustainability will impact purchasing decisions. With 78 percent of UK shoppers stating that whether or not brands clearly communicate their sustainability efforts will have “somewhat” of an impact over where they will shop on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, followed by almost two-thirds (63 percent) over the Christmas period.

To discover the sustainable practices of retail brands, more than a third (37 percent) of consumers said that they use online search via a search engine, rising to 42 percent for those aged 67+ (Boomers).

While more than a quarter of Gen Z’s are using TikTok (28 percent) to identify sustainable brands and 26 percent of Millennials are using Instagram. Additionally, two in five (21 percent) consumers are still relying on recommendations from friends or family to identify sustainable brands.

Tug reveals Christmas spending with new ‘Golden Quarter’ research

The report also looked at when and how much consumers will spend during the ‘Golden Quarter’. 47 percent of Brits stated that they aren’t planning to spend during the Black Friday weekend and only 14 percent of shoppers are planning to spend more than in 2020, spending an average of 447 pounds, over the Christmas period.

With the research adding that 47 percent of UK shoppers plan to do the majority of their shopping online during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, followed by 41 percent during the festive period.

To find the best deals online, 45 percent of Brits said they will use online search via a search engine, with 90 percent adding that they are “open to buying directly from brand websites”. However, this will be driven by cheaper prices (54 percent), speed of delivery (36 percent) and free returns (35 percent).

Older generations will be more likely to purchase directly from a brand for cheaper prices, including 61 percent of Gen X and 60 percent of Boomers, compared to just 40 percent of Gen Z. While 19 percent of Millennials would be likely to shop directly from a brand’s website due to sustainable practices.

Faye Daffarn, UK managing director at Tug: “Currently, “climate anxiety” is the top concern for UK customers. Our research shows that this is now being reflected in shopping preferences during the Golden Quarter, with the sustainability efforts of brands set to impact where 78 percent of UK consumers will shop. This means it is crucial that retailers are effectively delivering their environmental messaging during this key commercial period.

“An integrated, multi-channel approach that reaches consumers across multiple touchpoints - not only when they are in-market to purchase, but also when they are in browsing mode, will enable retailers to maximise sales during this key commercial period.”

Tug suggests that brands and retailers optimise search strategies through a “smart combination” of SEO and PPC to drive “drive visibility of sustainable practices with Boomers” while also using paid social strategies on TikTok and Instagram to target Millennials and Gen Z.

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