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Inspirations Trendbook FW21 by Peclers Paris

By FashionUnited


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For FashionUnited, Peclers Paris shares its vision about Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) for the FW21-22 season. The materiality of the world is saving the power of the tangible reintroduces the sense of touch and strengthens what surrounds us. The mix of cultural references acts as a theatrical jamming, the archives are fascinating, digital aesthetics re-imagines them in a futuristic way. Celebrating the extraordinary of nature, a wonder against anxiety, the magic of natural phenomena transform our threatened planet into a paradise. We re-generate ourselves with a modern and warm design, the enveloping human gesture, the recovered craftsmanship reassures us.

More videos on FW21 trends by Peclers Paris to follow, stay tuned!

Video source: Peclers Paris

Photo credit: Peclers Paris

Peclers Paris