""You have to learn software to create something new, but it gives you a lot more creativity," says Amber Jae Slooten of the digital fashion house The Fabricant about digital design. "You can design anything you want with any material. Maybe you want to make a dress out of water. In the digital world everything is possible, you are no longer bound to the limitations of the physical world," says Slooten during the Web Summit 2019 talk 'Robotics... but make it fashion'.

That we (the fashion industry, ed.) keep everything to ourselves in order to do something first, is quite ridiculous when you think about it. With The Fabricant we try to contribute to the change. Our files are online, so people can download them to see how it works. They can learn from this. We want to create openness, an open sourch approach.

Video: Web Summit 'Robots... but make it fashion' via Vimeo.


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