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Australian Fashion Council Launches World-First Campaign - Down Under In Front

By Press Club


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The Australian Fashion™ - the dress is Romance was Born; Photographer Charlie Dennington

Today as part of Melbourne Fashion Week, the Australian Fashion Council (AFC) launched its world-first Australian FashionTM campaign, Down Under In Front at ACMI.

To celebrate the launch in Australia’s cosmopolitan fashion capital, Melbourne, the first select cohort of certified Australian FashionTM brands were announced including renowned national fashion houses Aje, bassike, Bianca Spender, Nobody Denim, and Romance Was Born alongside other heritage and lifestyle labels. The aspirational campaign, Down Under In Front articulates what people love about Australian fashion; its effortless style, raw nature, boundless optimism and fearless innovation. It creatively perpetuates the essence of Australian fashion in a series of stills and motion, but plays on the concept that while “Down Under” is often projected as being on the “other side” of the world, upside down or even a season behind, Australia is in fact in front.

On premiering Down Under In Front, CEO Leila Naja Hibri said, “Australia is one of the first to wake up and celebrate the New Year ahead of the rest of the world. We host the first tennis Grand Slam and the first Grand Prix of each year. Our seasons are one of the first to start, not the other way around.”

The campaign showcases the Australian Fashion Trade Mark, a government funded initiative revealed in May this year at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. Instantly recognisable, the Australian FashionTM represents a unique vision and progressive values to customers at home and around the world, helping them discover, explore and buy Australian fashion.

“No other country in the world has attempted to brand and market its national fashion identity before. Down Under in Front celebrates the joy of our effortless, raw, boundless and fearless creativity and lifestyle. It shows that we are not afraid to break with convention and lead the world in re-imaging the future of fashion,” said Naja Hibri.

The founders of the first label to be accredited, Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan from bassike, said they are proud to have their label join a global movement which stands for everything from creative expression to sustainability and circularity.

"Consumers around the world are seeking more of our key values in the brands they choose to wear – integrity, sustainability and responsible business. This trade mark and campaign puts us front and centre, with authentic design and progressive values that prioritise people and planet together with prosperity.”

Major Partner Vicinity Centres COO, Peter Huddle discussed how they are looking forward to witnessing the progression and invigoration of the Australian fashion industry following the launch of the campaign. “Vicinity Centres connects consumers with Australian fashion and are proud to support and help grow Australian businesses and emerging designers. This platform developed by the AFC, will cement Australian fashion’s positioning of elevated creativity, quality, and social and environmental transparency, a pivotal milestone which we are excited to be a part of.”

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