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Bleckmann acquires The Renewal Workshop and develops a fully circular supply chain proposition

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Image: Bleckmann

Bleckmann announces the acquisition of The Renewal Workshop effective immediately.

This step is part of the company’s efforts to create a fully circular supply chain proposition for Bleckmann’s fashion and lifestyle clients. The acquisition of The Renewal Workshop enables Bleckmann to enhance its service portfolio with extensive renewal and recommerce services.

Jurrie-Jan Tap, Chief Business Development Officer at Bleckmann: We have been following the developments of The Renewal Workshop in the last couple of years and admire the impressive work done by the founders and the entire TRW team. To Bleckmann, the comprehensive Renewal System complements our efforts to offer sustainable solutions to our clients.”

The Renewal Workshop solution

Over the past six years, The Renewal Workshop has developed a proprietary system for renewing and reselling products that would otherwise be considered waste. Research from more than 50 product assessments for brands ranging from high fashion to specialty technical shows that on average 82% of products classified as waste can be renewed and resold.

By acquiring The Renewal Workshop’s technology, process and environmental impact methodology and combining it with Bleckmann’s extensive supply chain expertise, Bleckmann is positioned to immediately provide circular services to help brands access the fast growing recommerce consumer base globally. With the use of The Renewal Workshop solution by Bleckmann, fashion and lifestyle brands may significantly decrease their environmental footprint.

“We are thrilled to find a values aligned partner that brands can trust to provide truly sustainable circular services. Bleckmann has the resources, expertise, and commitment to scale renewal and recommerce for the industry,” said Nicole Bassett, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Renewal Workshop. “The potential for renewal to make a meaningful difference in the Climate Crisis is real. Our most recent research demonstrates that brands can achieve an average reduction of 51.5% in carbon emissions by renewing an existing product instead of producing a new one. Bleckmann is the ideal partner to help every brand committed to sustainability achieve their goals.”

“Bleckmann’s reach makes them the perfect company to take on the Renewal Process. With their global footprint, they can build on what we started in Europe and the US and unlock renewal and recommerce quickly and efficiently,” said Jeff Denby, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Renewal Workshop. “We could not have asked for a more mission aligned and trustworthy partner to carry this work forward.”

The circular returns

The Renewal Workshop solution adds new value to Bleckmann’s current Returns management solutions. With the addition of renewal to the returns processing, Bleckmann can unlock more value for brands and put more products back into use. The acquisition also enables Bleckmann to provide Recommerce sales solutions, making it even easier and more efficient for brands to serve the growing resale market.

“Returns management is a significant business issue for clients, both financially and environmentally. With The Renewal Workshop by Bleckmann we offer a new, advanced way of managing returns, leading to higher added value for all parties involved, including the end-consumers. By increasing the percentage of merchandise redirected to recommerce channels or repurposed by upcycling and recycling, we all build towards a better circular tomorrow,” adds Jurrie-Jan Tap, Chief Business Development at Bleckmann.

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