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EFA Summit: 19th&20th of October 2022 in Las Palmas

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Image Credit: Via EFA

Supported by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria the European Fashion Alliance kindly invites its members to the first edition of its annual summit during Gran Canaria Swim Week. The EFA's ambition is to define first actions that will be taken in fulfilling the mutual vision & mission in developing a better and sustainable fashion future. The conference is only for members of the EFA and next to networking activities, mission driven speaker, experts, talks, presentations and workshops will be held.

European Fashion Alliance (EFA) is a membership based alliance founded in 2022 in which international fashion and textile organisations share experience and drive change in their sector. The federation empowers the fashion industry, its stakeholders and their activities, entrepreneurial creativity and innovation skills through advocacy and communication of the alliance of European Fashion Councils and like-minded organisations. Furthermore, EFA offers a platform for professional networking and communication on European level within the industry, but also cross-sectorial. EFA enhances the dynamic exchange of information within the industry, facilitating transfer of information, know-how and best practices within the sector to empower entrepreneurial creativity and innovation skills. Lastly, the EFA encourages cross-national cooperation and connections, as well as supporting mobility between creative actors and the industry.

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