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Everything you need to know about: ARMA

By Press Club



Picture: ARMA, courtesy of the brand

ARMA is an apparel brand that attends to understated minimalism, innovative craftsmanship and timeless longevity. Their focus is mainly on high-quality leather pieces but their clothing also features other luxurious fabrics. Most popular are their leather and shearling jackets.


ARMA started in 1985 in Armenia, when the founder, a tradesman of leather and shearling for over 30 years, started to design clothing pieces from the fabrics he was trading. Due to their fabric knowledge, easy access and their in-house manufacturing process, they developed their expertise on craftsmanship, which became the catalyst for the brand. This is what essentially made up ARMA: the duality between high-quality manufacturing and design.


During the years, the founder passed on his knowledge to his sons and identified the brand as a family business. The brand’s focus on longevity over fast fashion enabled it to establish itself and expand internationally. At the same time, the brand still kept managing two-third of the entire production process by itself, next to its design process. Nowadays, siblings Maral and Arden Aykaz are managing ARMA.


Expanding into new markets such as Asia and the United States is the brand’s focus for the future, following up on the global launch of their webshop. Furthermore, they will focus on upcycling with their next collection, showcasing the luxurious element that can emerge from it.

Picture: ARMA, courtesy of the brand
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