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Everything you need to know about: Wrangler®

By Press Club


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Picture: Wrangler®/Kontoor Brands, Incl., courtesy of the brand

Wrangler® is an American apparel brand known for its iconic, timeless denim wear and its ties to Western cowboy culture. With their high-quality products, the brand dresses from young to old and any gender for their everyday life.


Wrangler® had its humble beginnings in Tennessee when founder C.C. Hudson was out of work after his employer, an overall factory, closed down in 1904. He buys some of the remaining sewing machines and forms Hudson Overall Company together with his brother. The business grew over the next fifteen years and became so successful that in 1919, they moved to a larger headquarters and changed the name to Blue Bell Overall Company. Under the new name, the sibling pair introduced their first known product, the Super Big Ben Overalls made from hundred percent sanforized fabric, establishing it as a new industry standard. Finally, Wrangler® as it is known today, emerged in 1947 after Blue Bell had acquired a workwear manufacturer a couple of years before and with it its consumer brand Wrangler®.


Over the next nineteen years until 1962, Wrangler® tied into the American cowboy culture and became known amongst consumers for its durability, quality and authenticity. This enabled Blue Bell to expand successfully to Europe for the first time and to later, in 1986, merge with VF Corporation of Pennsylvania (VF). As a result, VF held the title of one of the largest jeans manufacturers worldwide and ten years later, Wrangler® was number one market share leader in the United States. 2018, VF splits into two independent corporations, VF and Kontoor Brands, Inc. whereas Wrangler® amongst other giants such as Lee®, Rock & Republic® and the VF Outlet business fall under the later one.


Nowadays, Wrangler® holds a revenue of 1.7 billion dollars and is the number one denim brand in the United States as per the end of 2022. Towards the last quarter of 2022 Kontoor Brands launched a new dual-branded store concept for Lee® and Wrangler® and is planning to spread this retail concept across Europe for expansion purposes.

Image: Wrangler®/Kontoor Brands, Incl., courtesy of the brand
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