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Fashion-tech start-ups Stitch 3D and Hatch join forces as new company Stitch

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Image: Stitch

Both start ups are consolidating years of fashion-tech expertise and real-world learnings under a new company called Stitch, bringing the Digital Showroom, the 3D Hub and transformation services in one unique offering to help brands future-proof their value chain.

Fashion-tech start-ups Hatch and Stitch 3D, backed by PVH Corp. [NYSE: PVH], owner of a portfolio of iconic brands including TOMMY HILFIGER and CALVIN KLEIN, have decided to join teams, products and operations to create an integrated company, Stitch. The new venture aims to provide fashion brands with a consolidated portfolio of technology solutions and services

"Becoming one company will help us create better experiences and faster workflows for users, streamlining operations, learnings, and best practices from 3D design to digital sales" said Anne-Christine Polet, Head of Stitch. And she adds: "Since 2017, we have been working to build a strong digital value chain for fashion. We know how hard this job is and we acknowledge the challenges ahead, but we are confident that this is the way to transform our industry. Or as we say, change the fabric of fashion one stitch at a time."

With Stitch, interested fashion brands will benefit from a wider offering of technologies and services across the fashion value chain, including the digital showroom (now Stitch Showroom) and 3D Hub (now Stitch Hub). These technologies have been paramount in PVH’s digital transformation over the years. In addition, the new company is consolidating its transformation offering into one that spans from consultancy services and workshops and the launch of a new online training platform early access, planned for later this year.

As part of this new moment, Stitch is launching a new brand identity to reflect the refreshed positioning as a change agent in the fashion industry. The new identity is called “Changing the fabric of fashion, together” and has been developed with Dutch award-winning agency Verve. The new brand identity can be seen in the company’s social media accounts.

About Stitch

Stitch is a fashion-tech startup that is digitizing the fashion value chain through visual software solutions and people-led transformation services. Our solutions activate change in three dimensions: learn, create and sell. Learn digital skills and workflows with the Stitch Academy, create collections digitally and without waste with the Stitch Hub, and sell better without physical limitations with the Stitch Showroom. Global brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Havaianas, The North Face and Scotch & Soda are future-proofing their value chain with Stitch. For more info about our company, check our new website: stitch.fashion.