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FHCM provides support to the retail industry amidst COVID-19

By Partner

21 Apr 2020


With the situation surrounding COVID-19 creating more uncertainty and confusion day by day, the key players within the fashion sphere have taken it upon themselves to be sure that those who are the most vulnerable within the industry have the support and information that is vital at this turbulent time. Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM), have been using their extensive platform and network to support those within the apparel industry. Valuable resources related to the French government’s response to the Covid 19 crisis can be found on FHCM's website. By remaining up to date with the latest information from Team France Export, BPIFrance and OPCO 2i, FHCM have emphasised a message of the need for extended support for business leaders and SMEs who will most likely be concerned about the projected significant fall in the level of exports in the coming year.

FHCM remains up to date with the developing situation by calling upon their connections within both the French fashion industry and with Team France Export, an entity dedicated to the success of French companies internationally. Team France Export is also providing on their website crucial information such as border status and logistical conditions and regulatory changes in countries and an up-to-date guide to business in countries of interest. and have been working tirelessly to provide support to these SMEs via a service programme and free webinars to provide more clarity. Alongside this service programme

FHCM is also providing information and advice to ease the financial burden at this time which is supplied through their website. The advice comes from BPIFrance (investment bank and one stop shop for entrepreneurs), and the state. These ‘emergency financing measures’ aim to minimize the financial blow to SMEs.

As well as financial advice, FHCM is also working with the industry skills operator, OPCO 2i, to help provide legal information on how the current situation affects workers rights - drawing attention to specific contractual stipulations such as the suspension of career reviews until December 31st 2020 and the security of apprenticeships. This information is crucial to retail workers who may currently be concerned about their financial standing and job status.

FHCM is a pillar of French fashion, and their unwavering support of the industry is appreciated now more so than ever.