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Fresh fish in Hong Kong from 2022 onwards - A fish named Fred

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Starting next summer, men in Hong Kong can finally buy fresh fish at Wing On Department Store at 4 locations in the Asian metropolis.

The colourful menswear of lifestyle brand A fish named Fred is now sold in over 30 countries and the end is not yet in sight.

Besides this great start, countries like America and Australia, but also the Czech Republic, UK and South Africa are growing fast and both retailers and consumers appreciate the brand.

Despite the strange times in which Corona plays an important role all over the world, the sales figures are above average and the A fish named Fred collections are sold in more and more product groups.

In the past 10 years, A fish named Fred has managed to distinguish itself by doing things just a little differently. By adding a good dose of humour to the cheerful prints and presenting the collection in original themes, the fan base around the world keeps growing.

More about the brand: fashionunited.com/companies/a-fish-named-fred

A Fish Named Fred
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