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Inside Boohoo: How it's Like to Work for The British Fashion Conglomerate

By Press Club


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Credits: Boohoo Group

In the landscape of fashion e-commerce, Boohoo is one of the fastest growing fashion companies in the United Kingdom. Founded on the entrepreneurial spirit of Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane, this conglomerate has swiftly ascended from its modest inception in Manchester to a global powerhouse, disrupting the industry with a portfolio of 13 leading British fashion brands. With a mission to democratize fashion for the "social generation," Boohoo is crafting a vibrant culture where fashion, ambition, accessibility, opportunity and innovation intertwine.

A Proud British Business with a Vision

Since 2006, Boohoo has been at the forefront of fashion e-commerce, riding the wave of digital transformation to reach customers worldwide. Boohoo's rise showcases the British entrepreneurial spirit in its glory with its unwavering commitment to the UK economy, substantially investing in local sourcing and distribution infrastructure. This strategy has significantly boosted the British economy and fueled the group's international expansion, infusing nearly 2 billion pounds into the United Kingdom economy, with over 300 million pounds spent with British businesses in 2020/21 alone, bolstering approximately 4000 jobs.

Culture, a Winning Factor at Boohoo

At Boohoo, the ethos is clear: growth and opportunity are limitless. The company's organizational structure fosters an environment where traditional corporate hierarchies are swapped in favour of a flat structure that empowers individuals to shape their careers. From day one, employees are encouraged to take the helm, contributing to projects that fuel both personal and professional growth. Through industry qualifications, apprenticeships, and bespoke leadership programs, boohoo invests in the potential of its workforce.

Boohoo's commitment to diversity and inclusion is woven into the fabric of its corporate identity. With a global workforce that mirrors the diversity of its customer base, the group celebrates individuality and fosters a sense of belonging. The brand is dedicated to breaking down barriers and championing equality, both within the company and in the broader fashion industry. With a workforce of 4000 employees, the group celebrates a 56% revenue growth up on 2020, testament to the collective effort of a team that thrives on passion, agility, creativity, commerciality, and teamwork.

Credits: Boohoo Group

The Secret Ingredient to Any Success: Employee Happiness

Boohoo believes that their happy, healthy workforce is the key to their sustained success and in recognition of their employees’ dedication, the cooperation offers a suite of benefits which are designed to cater to the diverse needs of its workforce.

The company ensures financial security through attractive share schemes, allowing employees to own a stake in the business they are helping to build, alongside competitive bonus schemes and pension plans for long-term financial well-being. Health and wellness are prioritised with free onsite gyms, healthcare cash plans, and access to mental health support. Moreover, Boohoo promotes work-life balance through flexible working hours, generous maternity and paternity leave, and a variety of lifestyle perks including substantial staff discounts, legendary company parties, and a dog-friendly office environment. These benefits are designed to foster a supportive, rewarding, and inclusive workplace culture, where every member of the boohoo family feels valued and equipped to thrive in the long-term.

Boohoo's message is clear: work hard, take responsibility, and prepare for an extraordinary career journey.

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