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JOG Group acquires CHASIN' and continues the jeans brand

By Press Club



Chasin' store Credits: JOG Group

The JOG Group, the leading international family business behind the Garcia and Jeans Centre brands, today announced that it has acquired the jeanswear brand CHASIN'. This strategic acquisition enables the JOG Group to build CHASIN' further and continue its retail, wholesale and online sales activities.

With the acquisition of CHASIN', the JOG Group adds a healthy and growing brand to its portfolio. As a lifestyle brand, CHASIN' shares the same strong retail philosophy as the other brands; offering a state-of-the-art retail model in an attractive shopping environment. The JOG Group aims to create synergy between the Garcia and CHASIN' brands, whereby Garcia's strong position in Europe will contribute to the European expansion of CHASIN'. The collaboration, therefore, realizes a powerful interplay, which creates new opportunities for growth and development.

Mark Hommelberg, CEO of the JOG Group, is enthusiastic about the acquisition: "We are delighted with the addition of CHASIN' to our portfolio. Together we can create strong synergy and further expand the brands."

With the acquisition of CHASIN', the JOG Group strengthens its position in the dynamic fashion market. The holding company continues to focus on providing quality, style and innovation to its customers. The successful continuation of CHASIN' marks a new milestone in the rich history of the JOG Group.

About the JOG Group

The JOG-Group is a fast-growing, international, holding company with two independent fashion brands. Jeans Centre, a multichannel retail brand with over 90 stores in the Netherlands and GARCIA, a brand that has been designing and producing jeanswear for families since 1972. Garcia has more than 2,500 points of sale in 27 countries and 36 retail stores operating in Northwest Europe.


CHASIN' was founded in 1992; a modern jeanswear brand for men. In 2003, the first CHASIN' brand store opened in the Netherlands. In 2007, the brand found its unique signature with the iconic back pockets, logo 'the Lotus' and threee-piece design. The main sources of inspiration for the collections are authenticity, performance and an active city lifestyle. CHASIN' took its first steps across the border in 2014 and the brand has grown enormously in Germany through Shop-in-Shops. Over the years, CHASIN' has also conquered the online landscape through its own channels and marketplaces.

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