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By Press Club

4 Jul 2019


Trends aren’t simply thought up by a few creative souls, as ‘new-for-the-sake-of-being-new’; they correspond with everything. With advancing technology, for example, but also with – sometimes irrational – gut feelings and needs that emerge in a world alive with exciting developments. These new trends are clearly visible and tangible every season at Modefabriek – in the new collections and vibes, and in the discussions buzzing around the event. What’s more, these trends are neatly dissected and brought to life in a comprehensive programme of Trend Presentations, Workshops and Talks by experts. Such as:

JAN TRENDMAN _ SCREENPLAY, on digital culture & fashion
Our digital society impacts our entire life, hence also how we create, view and consume fashion. Perhaps more and quicker than we may realise. Our designated Trendman Jan Agelink discusses the digital pioneers who are bringing about a revolution in the fashion industry, such as Swedish brand Atacac, who design and present their collections digitally in 3D, and only proceed to production once an item is sold. No overproduction, no sales. Design studios creating solely digital fashion are already on the scene, such as The Fabricant from Amsterdam, who help us steal the show online. Futuristic shenanigans? Certainly not: just consider the success of the skins in online gaming hit Fortnite.

Leading our lives in a virtual world also impacts our taste, and therefore the ‘design language’ of fashion. The far-reaching effects of our social media obsession are not only reflected in a booming beauty industry, but also in an explosion of colour and pronounced, immediately-recognisable design features. Forecaster Jan Agelink introduces the most striking future themes, with a brand-new sense of material, shape and colour.

It’s worth noting that the digitisation of our profession does not mean the end of physical retail, on the contrary. Digital technology and design actually complement traditional offerings, in terms of service and logistics, but also when it comes to experience and communications. Be inspired and get up to date on the latest online dos and don’ts.


All Talks on the programme are actually nothing short of vital to keep your business skills up to date, such as the Talk by Kirsten Jassies about how to truly create value for your Instagram followers, or Moriam Hassan Balogun’s Talk about how DIY video can give small retailers a boost. Sustainability in fashion is naturally once again high on the agenda:, there will be a panel talk about sustainability, the current situation and impact of retail and Bert van Son from MUD Jeans will bring us the latest on circular business models.  

Read the full MF program on www.modefabriek.nl