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Opportunities at Pandora: Give a voice to people's loves

By Press Club


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Credits: Pandora

Pandora, a leading jewellery brand, thrives on building personal connections with customers worldwide. It's a brand chosen by people to celebrate their passions and commemorate significant life moments.

But Pandora is more than just that. Creativity and self-expression lies at the heart of Pandora's ethos. Unique ideas and personality foster a supportive environment for personal and professional growth. Whether someone wants to excel in retail or explore head office roles across the global business, Pandora encourages and supports individual career journeys.

Share stories and mark meaningful moments

The store is where connections with customers are created and fostered. Since creativity and self-expression is the centre focus of Pandora's ethos, becoming a part of the Pandora Store means building personal connections with customers, and marking meaningful moments by helping them find the perfect jewellery.

Where crafting traditions meet modern techniques Pandora's influence extends to being the largest jewellery manufacturer globally. At Pandora Production Thailand (PPT) centuries-old crafting traditions merge with modern techniques and high-quality materials. With over 13,200 employees in Bangkok and Lamphun, PPT is a vibrant, multinational environment.

Innovation and creativity to ensure corporate growth

Looking beyond retail and manufacturing, Pandora's corporate opportunities are equally alluring. With over 2,300 employees spread across offices worldwide, the corporate team thrives in a rewarding environment. Embracing innovation, creativity, and effort, the company nurtures a culture of ownership and rapid progress. Specialised functions like Brand Design, Digital Marketing, Finance, HR, and more pave the way for the employees’ expertise to shine and contribute to the brand's global growth.

Joining the ranks of talented individuals means making Pandora not just a leading brand but an emblem of personal growth and creative innovation.

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