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Swedish Fashion Council's talent incubator, SFC [incubator], welcomes new talents

By Press Club


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Credits: Robin Douglas + Jennie Rosén by Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn

Swedish Fashion Council (SFC) is thrilled to welcome three new talents to its incubator program, SFC [Incubator]. The incubator focuses on emerging brands and creators combining creative excellence with innovative business models and a disruptive vision.

The SFC [Incubator] proudly supports eleven brands, including new additions Petra Fagerström and Louis Abel, joining the existing cohort that includes AAJIYA, ALL-IN, AVAVAV, FEBEN, HODAKOVA, Jade Cropper, Rave Review and Selam Fessahaye. The incubator also welcomes Tuttolente to the SFC [Incubator] ’On the Rise’.

All talents in the SFC [Incubator] and ‘On the Rise’’ are handpicked by SFC and receive individualized coaching from a 360-degree approach in business model strategy, financing, PR- and communication, e-commerce, branding and positioning, and sourcing and production. Since taking the helm in 2018, SFC chief executive Jennie Rosén has led the agenda to reform the fashion system on a regional and global level, focusing on innovation and collaboration while helping build the brands and businesses that will shape the future of fashion.

“Our vision for the SFC [Incubator] has always been to support the most interesting and innovative brands in the global fashion industry. The addition of Petra Fagerström, Louis Abel, and Tuttolente marks a significant step towards that goal. Their inclusion will further help position Sweden as the leader of the new era of fashion.’’

Jennie Rosén, CEO Swedish Fashion Council

“We are excited to welcome Petra Fagerström, Louis Abel, and Tuttolente to the SFC [Incubator] family. Their disruptive visions and innovative approaches bring a fresh dynamic to the incubator, introducing exciting new categories to the program, such as jewellery and streetwear. We look forward to supporting them on their journey to scale their brands on a global market.”

Robin Douglas, Creative Director Swedish Fashion Council

Petra Fagerstrom is an innovation-driven fashion designer based in London and Stockholm. A Parsons School of Design Fashion Design graduate, Petra is currently pursuing her MA Fashion at CSM and has worked at Balenciaga in Paris. Passionate about responsible fashion, Petra is dedicated to reshaping the fashion industry by championing responsible material development and production systems. Her unique approach involves tapping into the shadow side of femininity through lenticular pleats, bringing animation into textiles to tell personal stories and comment on social subjects. Her work has garnered global recognition, positioning her as a finalist in the esteemed ITS Contest 2022 and the 38th Festival D’Hyères.

Louis Abel is a creative project exploring different elements of design and expression to create jewellery and objects. The brand’s founder and designer, Jimmy Kamhieh Loutfi, has a background in mechanical engineering. After earning his BSc in 2013 at the age of 23, he spent several years designing systems & technical components for the heavy industry in various sectors. Driven by exploring the contrasts of his technical background with a curiosity for organic design, the brand Louis Abel was born. Louis Abel experiments with new manufacturing methods and organic design at the brand’s own atelier/workshop in Sweden. The result translates to unconstrained jewellery and objects that express emotion, becoming personal and meaningful creations.

Tuttolente embodies the fusion of Stockholm's underground scene, intertwining styles, subcultures, events, and music into a bold, unified narrative. With an aim to inspire and unite its global community, Tuttolente champions a fearless and defiant fashion culture. Through the synergy of diverse subcultures, the brand authentically portrays Stockholm's spirit while hosting events under the banner "Super Active Never Lazy" (SANL), celebrating an active lifestyle rooted in creativity and hard work. Since 2019, Tuttolente has fostered collaborations with streetwear giant Sneakers n Stuff, local and international artists, and musicians, promoting a collaborative fashion ethos.

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