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Cheshire Fashion Week to feature The Apprentice 2022 Star Brittany Carter's Oomph Clean Energy Drinks

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Image Credit: Brittany Carter and Omph Clean Energy Drink (via Cheshire Fashion Week)

The fashion week event in Chester, which will be held on the 17th of June, at Chester Town Hall, will feature The Apprentice 2022 finalist Brittany Carter of Oomph Energy Drinks, who made show history as part of last year's all-female final launching her new range of clean energy drinks after securing an investor through appearing on the show.

Fashion week organisers have revealed that Oomph will be featured at the fashion week event space, which will feature interactive displays promoting an active and vibrant lifestyle, fashion showcases from nationwide sustainable designers, luxury Highstreet and a free contemporary exhibition as part of Chester Heritage Festival showcasing Chester's fashion history. Embraced with invigorating flavours and revitalising natural ingredients, Oomph will be available backstage for guests to sample and sip as it perfectly complements the fast-paced world of fashion.

The Oopmh! businesswoman Brittany Carter said she is set about wanting to make health more fun through her dynamic and high-energy brand presence to the event. "We are thrilled to partner with Cheshire Fashion Week in Chester, as an official drinks sponsor," said Brittany Carter, Owner and Founder of Oomph Energy Drinks. "Fashion and energy go hand in hand, and our brand embodies the spirit of dynamism, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence. Cheshire Fashion Week is excited to support the talented designers and fashion enthusiasts who bring their unique vision to life during this prestigious event."

Cheshire Fashion Week CEO Claire Namukolo Raven commented: "Education, technology and creating a sense of adventure is at the heart of what we do and considering that fashion week is one of the biggest opportunities for businesses to break into a much larger market, we have made sure that Chester's event will be very different this year. Oomph Energy Drink has acquired a title sponsorship previously held by Cheshire's Gin Distillery, Three Warrens Gin, and North Wales Whisky Distillery, Penderyn Welsh Whisky. We are proud to partner with Oomph energy drinks, which promises dynamism, creativity, and delightful flavours to delight our guests.“

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