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GFC London Fashion Week SS24: FORSEN, Befrow, and WooLeeX

By Press Club


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Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective

The recent London Fashion Week hosted by the Global Fashion Collective spotlighted trendy designs and styles from the fashion industry's worldwide designers. The show exhibited a variety of captivating looks, ranging from exquisite evening dresses to trendy streetwear. The graceful runway models walked confidently, accompanied by exciting music and lighting, creating an unforgettable experience for fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.


Whether you're heading out for a romantic date night or a casual meet-up with friends, a timeless black outfit that flatters your curves will make you feel confident. The tailored design exudes elegance and simplicity, with a touch of sophistication that's perfect for any occasion. You can even show off a trendy slit up the front, revealing just the right amount of skin to add a playful touch to your look.

The title of the show, FODSPOR, means footprints. While exercising in the quiet dawn city, we can concentrate on ourselves enough to hear our own footsteps. The liveliness of dawn gives us the power to look back on ourselves more and to live more independently in a busy city. The design of this collection shows a modern athleisure look that is static but lively at the same time like the city of dawn, which has quiet vitality.

Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective


Befrow women and children confidently strut down the runway, showcasing the latest designer fashion. Soft pastel colors contributed to the dreamy ambiance, while sparkle and glitz provided touches of glamour.

Each outfit boasted playful and creative intricacies, culminating in a true masterpiece of a fashion show. 채ㅣCollection was inspired by the fashion characteristics of the Rococo period and elements of cyberpunk style. I've merged them to create a trendy yet elegant new style.

The designer quoted "In an era where the waistline can no longer confine women's thoughts, and where the hemline can no longer obstruct women's forward strides, in a time when freedom and beauty can coexist, we continue to uphold elegance."

Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective


WooLeeX presented an exquisite collection of both women's and men's clothing during the runway show. The designer demonstrated exquisite craftsmanship by blending different patterns and textures. The attention to detail was remarkable, making this collection a true masterpiece of fashion.

New Collection "The Neighbourhood" Embraces Diversity and Shapes The Capsule World of WooLeeX.

WooLeeX is known for its incorporation of drawings into its pieces. Through the integration of different cultures and their own unique features, numerous forms of pattern design. In this season, WooLeeX is creating its own "Neighbourhood", where diversified cultures exist, people's conflicting backgrounds and values find harmony, and everything coexists. By juxtaposing phoenix-feather-like details and upholstery fabric, they create this indispensable extended volume and the special texture which convey the idea about the protection net we make when connected with others. It is important that we embrace our true selves, and also respect others at the same time.

Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective
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