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GFC Milan Fashion Week S/S24: The Shows, the Glamor, the Trends

By Press Club


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Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective

During a few magical weeks each year, Milan transforms into the epicenter of the fashion world. Global Fashion Collective showcased the innovative designs and cutting-edge styles of talented fashion designers from around the globe. The runway show part two was ablaze with the hottest trends for the upcoming season, featuring looks that captured the essence of the moment. The atmosphere was electric, buzzing with the vibrant energy that only arises from the convergence of such extraordinary creative talents.

Milan Fashion Week, alongside Paris and New York, stands as one of the most prestigious fashion events worldwide. As a global fashion capital, Milan takes center stage in unveiling the latest styles and trends on its illustrious runway.


David Layer

Men's clothing company DAVID LAYER mixes Western and Japanese inspirations to produce remarkable apparel, such as a suit with a distinctive bicolor design and a Japanese pattern infused with the Yamato Spirit. The audience gets a sense of Japan as models wearing these suits with Japanese patterns walk down the runway while wearing Japanese accessories and listening to Japanese music. The business has expanded over time to now make suits for Japanese celebrities and elite athletes.

Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective

Alicia Perrillo

Alicia Perrillo, a prize-winning alumna of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's demanding fashion program, wasted no time in launching her company in 2016. She mixes modern shapes with a fair dose of old-world couture, focusing on luxurious materials and exquisite handwork embellishments.

Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective


Jasive Fernández is the Mexican designer and businesswoman behind the brand JASIVE, which features ready-to-wear collections and bespoke creations. The brand is internationally recognized for creating ethical and environmentally friendly clothes.

Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective


Australian fashion house OZLANA has gained global recognition for its sustainable fur and has become an iconic luxury brand in Australia.

OZLANA values craftsmanship, high-quality manufacturing, sustainable textiles, and social responsibility. They prioritize ecological balance and environmental protection by using natural raw materials from Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and Australia, adhering to the highest industrial standards.

OZLANA does not follow mainstream fashion trends but instead embraces a romantic, gentle, and modern art aesthetic. They are pioneers in exploring new styles, combining exquisite textile technology and tailoring to create high-quality and fashionable designs that define modern luxury and appeal to young fashion enthusiasts.

Credits: Courtesy of Global Fashion Collective
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