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Media partnership announced between PI Apparel and FashionUnited

By Press Club


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Image credit: Courtesy of PI Apparel

FashionUnited and PI Apparel have entered into a continued partnership as both platforms share similar industry goals and audiences. The global outreach of both companies will create the opportunity for PI Apparel’s event series, which have a key focus on Digital Transformation in the fashion industry, to gain further exposure and for FashionUnited’s platform to gain further connections with the industry’s top brands and companies in attendance, as well as insights into key trends which are discussed at said events.

FashionUnited is an independent B2B platform that collects, creates and communicates content relevant to the industry. As fashion's most trusted global network for over 20 years, it connects over one million fashion professionals. Established in over 30 countries and 10 languages, FashionUnited optimises the industry's way of working - making it more efficient and transparent.

PI Apparel is a membership community for apparel and footwear professionals. Providing a series of global events which bring together industry leaders to discuss digital transformation in apparel. Launched as a branch of the Product Innovation brand, the first PI Apparel event took place in London in 2013. Since then, it has become one of the world’s top event series in the apparel industry and has grown to establish a prominent presence in the USA, South America, Asia and Europe.

As this partnership continues throughout the year, both parties hope to push the industry forward and create an environment for a diverse range of discussions surrounding digital apparel.

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