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Pure London announces nature-verse campaign theme

By Press Club



Image credit: Courtesy of Pure London

Pure London, the UK's largest festival of fashion, has revealed its Nature-Verse theme for the July 2023 show. Created in collaboration with the show’s trend agency partner Promostyl, Nature-Verse is a fusion of two of 2024’s strongest fashion trends, Nature Preserve and Technology Transition which highlights the powerful role of technology in preserving the natural world.

After seeking salvation, innovation, and entertainment in technology, we have now decided to use it to completely digitalize our lives and explore the boundaries between what is real and what is virtual.

Nature-Verse sees the light through AI assisted designs, the manipulation of textile into dripping digital texture and the ever-growing use of 3D printing. It harvests the power of technology in service of nature to inspire a collective pledge to preserve, cherish and protect natural elements in the new world we’re trying to create. Futurist yet feminine, a romantic outlook with a flora and fauna vibe features a new dimensional futuristic twist with the physical, natural and the digital living under the same roof.

Gloria Sandrucci, Event Director at Pure London says, “I am extremely excited about our Nature-Verse theme for July’s show. It represents everything we stand for at Pure London and the incredible work so many people are doing to protect our natural world. Ultra new-natural components are experiencing an extraordinary research and development boom and to preserve our natural world, we are taking huge leaps in technology to develop new high-tech natural materials and processes to replace the ones that are so damaging to our world. I look forward to seeing the theme brought to life at Olympia London from the 16th – 18th July”.

Image credit: Courtesy of Pure London

A fresh, luminous, and floral-inspired colour palette featuring metallic and iridescent shades of Dewdrop, Spearmint, Periwinkle, Springwater, and Earth, brings joy and a deep sense of wellbeing alongside almost ethereal out of this world digital tones, divining nature’s supreme resilience. The theme will be presented in a dynamic set of graphics and imagery running throughout the season’s campaign and will be brought to life at the July 23 show on the catwalk and features areas.

Pure London is the UK’s largest festival of fashion, a trade collective of global fashion designers, brands, buyers, creative minds, and inspiring trends as well as leading the conversation on sustainable, circular and responsible fashion. The show takes place at Olympia London on 16th – 18th July 2023.

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