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THIS IS US brings together the sustainable fashion and Creative Community celebrating Nigerian Made in Amsterdam

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Credits: Founder of THIS IS US and the Showroom Amsterdam

Pretorriustraat 64D in Amsterdam East brimmed with love and energy this weekend. The new occupants of the address, Showroom Amsterdam, hosted THIS IS US for a 2-day Fashion Weekender on Friday, the 28th and Saturday the 29th of July.

The 2 days saw the attendance of guests from various walks in life from artists and photographers to wellness practitioners, DJs and tech professionals reflecting the typical audience the brand has been known to attract over the last 7 years of its existence- The Conscious Creatives.

Carmenpolitan, one half of the founders of Showroom said “This has been amazing! This is what we set up Showroom to be- a blank canvas to bring any brand to life. So seeing the space and the people come alive for this event makes us very proud and excited for the future.”

Showroom was set up by photographer, Coco Olakunle and Carmen Hogg, 3 months ago as a studio space and a shop to retail unique brands that can’t be found elsewhere in Amsterdam and stocks two other African brands- Waf, a popular skate brand from Nigeria and Subwae Studios , an experimental Ghanaian fashion brand.

Credits: THIS IS US Collection

Coco Olakunle, co-founder of Showroom Amsterdam said “I’m obsessed with THIS IS US and it’s my daily wardrobe. The style of the clothes and the use of indigo work perfectly for my daily life and is actually my uniform so I have been a pilot case for the brands Uniformwear (live work wear essentials) in the Amsterdam creative space for the last 18 years. People always ask where my clothes are from so it made sense that they were the first brand we had to have”

The brand offers its Uniformwear in shades of Indigo and other natural palettes such as charcoal black and Olive. Showroom Amsterdam stocks a range of the Uniformwear in shades of Indigo and does special orders for other colours.

During the pop up the Dutch community, who are naturally drawn to sustainably made products fell in love with the indigo and most of the customers who walked in, walked out dressed in Indigo or with a bag of indigo garments.

Credits: THIS IS US

Oroma Itegboje, Co-founder of THIS IS US said “Indigo is familiar to everyone as it’s the colour of denim and people usually start off thinking it’s our clothes are denim until they touch it and realize it’s soft plush light cotton and this is always a pleasant surprise. Both the cotton and the indigo heritage are local to us in Nigeria and have existed in the fabric of our society and culture for over 500 years so we wanted to use that to create products that people around the world can relate to everyday. That’s the concept behind THIS IS US”.

Guests at the event not only enjoyed shopping the clothes but got to know the brand on a deeper level while enjoying the best of Nigerian music with DJ Godsendo and DJ Fexx both of the decks on Friday and old time friend of the brand, DJ Dem Baba taking the crowd on a walk down African music memory lane with Vinyls on Saturday.

“The event was everything I expected but much more. Seeing the locals look so natural in the clothes, made me and the brand feel right at home!”

THIS IS US is available to shop at Showrooom Amsterdam by appointment.

Read more about THIS IS US here.

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