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Top brands to explore the future of fashion in the Asia-Pacific region at PI Apparel Hong Kong

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Image Credit: PI Apparel Hong Kong

For the first time since 2019, PI Apparel will be returning to Hong Kong to explore how the apparel industry is evolving in the Asia-Pacific region. After one of their biggest events in Europe at the start of April, PI Apparel is heading to the buzzing hub of Kowloon to dive into the current trends, challenges and opportunities the industry is facing within the current digital climate.

The past few years have been tumultuous for the industry as brands have fought to adapt, not only to the disruptions of the pandemic, but also to the advancements of the digital space. Digital Twin Technologies, 3D Product Creation and Digital Supply Chains are no longer buzzwords; instead they have become key ingredients for brands to stay at the top of their game.

As the first in-person event in Hong Kong since the pandemic, PI Apparel Hong Kong will create the ideal space to discuss which technologies and strategies are succeeding with Asia’s top brands. By nature, PI Apparel fosters an environment where attendees can gain key insights which can help elevate their brands, build connections with the industry’s leading companies and share the knowledge they have gained over the years as everybody aims to push the industry forward. This year’s series will dive into topics such as sustainability strategies, achieving a fully integrated digital supply chain, and Digital Fabric Interoperability.

The Asia-Pacific region is quickly becoming, if it was not already, a fashion powerhouse. From the recent rise of Indian luxury designers on a global scale, as showcased recently at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai, to Vogue Singapore’s collaboration with Metaverse Fashion Week during which their competition ‘Love in the Metaverse’ championed the human touch which is often overlooked in Web3 environments. From Hong Kong specifically, they have seen trailblazers like Vivienne Tam dominate New York Fashion Week with her recent collections which fused physical garments with elements of the Metaverse. Tam also incorporated Oracle Bone Scripture, an ancient configuration of Chinese characters, into her garments to demonstrate how the digital world creates opportunities for a blending of cultures where creative boundaries can become non-existent.

This year will have a key focus on Sourcing and Production, specifically on how companies can successfully implement digital tools to streamline their Supply Chains, innovate textile sourcing and reduce fabric waste. Saitex, the Vietnam-based denim manufacturer, is a key example of how companies are turning towards digitalisation as a means to implement more sustainable practices as they have already created the blueprint for a digital replica of their Los Angeles factory. If they are successful in digitalising their mill and cotton farm, they would be able to fully utilise AI to optimise their operations; they would be the first company to do so. Hear directly from Saitex’s HSE & Sustainability Manager, Oanh Nguyen, who will be diving into Determining a Truly Sustainable Supply Chain on Day 1.

The line-up of speakers are experts in a multitude of areas and are coming from a variety of companies and institutions. Key highlights include:

  • Professor Calvin Wong, CEO & Centre Director, AiDLab
  • Nathan Minsberg, Metaverse Lead, Brand New Vision Ltd
  • Terry Broderick, Global Manufacturing/Technical Services and Footwear Procurement Leader, KIABI
  • John Dulip Kumar Jeyasingh, Vice President, PVH Far East Limited

Attendees will also get the chance to build connections with fellow leaders from top brands, such as:

  • Director, Product Creation Technologies, Adidas
  • Head of Business Development Manager - Production, H&M
  • Head of Sourcing sportswear, Asia, Hugo Boss
  • Senior Raw Material Innovation Manager, Target
  • Director, Development Apparel, Puma

Read more about the event here.

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