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A greener future with every order

By Press Club

7 Oct 2021


Growing the Erve Europe forest by planting trees.

Time to make changes for our planet

You might ask why a leading licenced fashion company is planting a forest. The answer is that we’re more committed than ever to reducing the textile industry’s impact on our planet. When the coronavirus pandemic changed business priorities all over the world, we felt that it was time to concentrate our efforts on replenishing the natural resources that all fashion retailers and manufacturers rely on. Our forest, set up in cooperation with Belgian organisation Tree-Nation, is the next step in our journey towards environmentally friendly and socially responsible garment production.

You can plant a tree in the Erve Europe forest

In May 2020, we launched erve.shop. This new B2B platform gives wholesalers all over Europe online access to current ranges of licenced and branded clothing. As with all facets of the Erve Europe business, erve.shop prioritises social responsibility and ethically sourced, sustainable production. For every erve.shop order you place, we’re planting a tree. The webshop had a strong start and we’ve already planted 237 trees from past orders. This success is expected to continue with 2021 projections equating to 2500 trees. Place an order today and help us grow.

More ways we care for the environment

In addition to the forest, Erve Europe has a company-wide emphasis on sustainability. We make every effort to efficiently use raw materials and produce in a transparent, safe and ethical manner as signatories of many garment industry sustainability initiatives. We’re also embracing the use of organic cotton, regenerated yarn, recycled polyester and sustainable packaging. Currently more than 92% of packaging is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Read more about Erve Shop on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/erve-shop