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aaa/unbranded SS22: A fresh start

By Press Club

6 Aug 2021


While designing the new spring and summer collection, full of unisex made products, we thought about a dynamic man and woman, both lovers of new styles, opened to new unconventional proposals and interested in choosing the essential for their wardrobe.

The classic aaa/unbranded® unconventional style, again... An image that fits with our guidelines, the same that guided our previous collection, that’s why some pieces that have already been proposed to the autumn and winter are back in a lighter design, ideal to keep up with summer heat and the uncertain spring. We had, on the other hand, to take into account that the world has been changing. It is slowly getting used to a new lifestyle, a new way of working, of dealing with their plans and their day-to-day life. So, our focus was to design clothes that could caress the body by enlightening its curves without forgetting the need to be practical and versatile by still following people around the day. Mostly, we have remained true to our motto: do not let your clothes take you around but be the one who carries them and be the master of your style.

From this fashion season aaa/unbranded® is presenting itself with a different approach: we have planned the collection as a whole, each piece is part of coordinated looks where the clothing line is matched to the footwear, to the small leather accessories and to the watches. A season designed by considering the person as a whole, feet and legs cosmetics included, and last but not least the eau de parfum. Here is your small, but complete, wardrobe.

In the first clothing collection the key piece was the reversed-made Reverse-jeans. Its shape is comfy and minimal, and in this capsule it is released in a cotton version, alongside a pair of palazzo pants realized with a single cloth of fabric sewed in the middle, and a pair of trousers made in two dimensions by putting together flat fabric stripes that, once wore, create volume on the body.

With the same bidimensional panels technique, a series of light material cotton blouses has been realized with special processes on the volumes and on closures, reinventing the Japanese kimono.

The footwear follows the unmistakable aaa/unbranded® style: the key is the simplicity, their clean and timeless lines which adapt to the more formal occasions. Without forgetting the concept of playing that comes by designing a new collection, we played with the concept of style and shapes by creating a different interpretation to the classic footwear and, for the first time, introducing a classic feminine footwear with heels, sabot version and a loafer with an important front plateau that, despite the volume, permits a secure and comfy walk.

As in the previous collections, also the sneaker has had some evolution going on. The new sneaker is apparently simpler but, in reality, has some unconventional details and a completely unisex approach.

Less is hot. Our philosophy

This is no joke! Is this nonsense? It could be, but in case you haven’t noticed so far we like going against current. Moreover, it is very common to talk about recycling, reusing and avoiding waste in fashion lately.

We are sure that at least once a week you open your wardrobe asking yourself: “What do I wear?”, followed by “I have nothing suitable” or another question we love: “What do I wear with this skirt?”. If you are nodding while reading these sentences we have scored. We don’t really need all these clothes hanging in the closet, it takes very little to express ourselves through clothes and accessories.

Isn’t now the perfect time to change our approach towards the fashion world?

Buying less and in a more conscious way is our approach. Choosing clothes based on their materials, on their “zero” impact technologies or on their organic ingredients is not enough. Speaking of our “Wardrobe collection SS22” we have worked since the beginning to reduce shapes, while focusing on one essential color range. We have been keeping working as we did in 2019 to reduce the range of products and the waste demonstrating to be more aware and mature. We know what’s trending and we partly follow that path, but we do more, we propose an unconventional way of working without renouncing to realize objects which are beautiful to see and realized with long lasting artisanal cure.

We work to make less be hot!

The little wardrobe

aaa/unbranded® proposes footwear collections, leather accessories, small bags, clothes, cosmetics for feet and legs and fragrances. All of these collections are made of a few pieces, which are well defined as materials and colors thought to be easily matched with a lot of different items not exclusively from our brand. All the pieces are made with the artisanal attention proper of small firms, where tradition still is the backbone of their work and where working with the hands is an art form that is still, luckily, passed down between generations. Each aaa/unbranded® collection is created to complete what is already inside each closet. Each capsule collection is made of a few timeless pieces created around people and their needs.

Read more about aaa/unbranded® on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/aaa-unbranded