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Aissata Ibrahima AW21 Collection 003 ‘To Our Friends’

By Press Club

1 Apr 2021

Aissata Ibrahima is a London based ready-to-wear brand focused on breaking down traditional boundaries in a gendered apparel. After working on design teams for various London brands, combined with her experience in Luxury fashion, Aissata launched her namesake label in November 2019 with the debut collection entitled “Lovers”.

Collection 003 entitled ‘To Our Friends’, echoes previous collections themes of love stories, with this season’s spotlight in Aissata Ibrahima’s collection on the special connection between friends.

“Friendships are sacred, your day ones, people that you’ve met over the internet, friends you brunched with pre multiple lockdowns, anyone that we let into our lives on a friendship level is special and I wanted to celebrate that. I think everyone has missed their friends I wanted the collection and campaign to spark some joy, and add some colour to life, it’s been dark” - Aissata Ibrahima.

The campaign’s story is set at home, a familiar setting for many over the past year, and depicts casual and fun scenarios of friends spending time together in this setting, from drinking and dancing in the kitchen, to laughing and chatting on the bed.

The AW21 collection continues to emulate the brands core and Aissata’s goal of making “dressing up feel effortless.” The collection is made up of an assortment of textures and shapes with interchangeable pieces that can effortlessly be matched and layered with other pieces in the collection. Skirts are layered over tailored trousers and masculine silhouettes are contrasted with elegant plunge necklines and cropped waists. This collection also introduces a vibrant colour palette, with vivid accents of magenta and highlighter yellow, juxtaposing with neutral tones of silver, beige, browns and navy.

For AW21, Aissata Ibrahima also introduces a dramatic ruffle story, with standout pieces including a theatrical colour block ruffle coat and cascading maxi ruffle skirt, layered over trousers. The ruffles add an energy of femininity and high glamour to the collection, but still integrate within the brands effortless and relaxed aesthetic. The tailoring in this collection is more relaxed, with looser shapes, conveying a timelier loungewear feel, but still remain effortlessly dressy in high quality fabrics, that are designed to act as forever pieces.

Read more about Aissata Ibrahima on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/aissata-ibrahima