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Bufandy: all items for our 22/23 Collection are getting finalised in Ecuador as we speak!

By Press Club

2 Aug 2022


Bufandy, Collection 22/23

We would love to give you a little insight into our production process.

Why Alpaca?

Let's kick off by revealing one of the biggest (and most obvious?) advantages of alpaca wool; it is super warm and lightweight, but do you also know why? Alpaca wool has hollow fibers which is why they can easily retain air and therefore warmth. Because of this special feature alpacas survive happily in the cold highlands of Peru, where they graze in their natural habitat.

Thanks to this thermo-regulating property this wool will protect us humans too (in all its softness) from the cold, without being heavy or making you sweat.

Bufandy, Collection 22/23


There are various qualities of alpaca wool. The finer its fiber, the softer its touch. At Bufandy we solely work with superfine and baby quality. Did you know that the quality of baby alpaca wool doesn't mean we shear the wool of a baby alpaca? Baby alpaca quality can also be found in the chest or neck area of an adult alpaca. In these locations the hairs are thinner and therefore softer.

Little caring fact; we work together with small-scale alpaca farms in Peru which are managed by locals. This way we can reduce environmental impact.

Bufandy, Collection 22/23

To Ecuador.

The raw wool is moved from Peru to neighbouring Ecuador where Fabian, our head weaver, built a little factory on the flanks of the Imbabura volcano. More than 20 talented men and women from the village are working here and putting all their love into your Bufandy scarf.

Coming up.

We are patiently waiting for our New Collection to arrive. We can't wait to show you all the new colours for the upcoming season.

We'll keep you posted!

Bufandy, Collection 22/23

Online and in stores this September.

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