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Camps & Camps SS21 Collection

By Press Club


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With this summer collection Camps & Camps we are taking you along in the lightness of nature, its seasons and the parts of the day that bring a magnificent range of variations. From the rising sun, which seems to have taken you to another world, with the sunbeams breaking through the clouds, until the moment in the evening that the colours intermingle in the sky.

We translate these atmospheres and colours of nature into jewellery that will thrill you. We love mother earth and want to burden it as little as possible. The materials used by Camps & Camps are produced in Europe and our jewellery is designed in our own studio. Full of confidence and with love Camps & Camps designs jewellery that will emphasize your natural beauty.

Rosary morning light

A stylish collection of jewellery in which strength and romance reinforce each other. Lovely and robust through the combination of softly shining pearls and romantic resin roses that create a harmonious unity together.

Starfish delight

The hidden treasures of the sea, such as shells, pearls and starfishes, are our inspiration for this collection. This gorgeous jewellery made of lightweight resin is a pleasure to wear. The refined beads make these eye-catchers complete.

Pebble island

The style of this collection is robust and refined, the natural forms of the pebble resin beads have been combined with glossy and matt aluminium, which gives them a luxurious appearance. The used materials are light so that the jewels are wonderfully airy to wear.

Field of flowers

This series breathes refinement, peace and quietness just like an early morning in spring. The colours are soft, the forms graceful; together they create a stylish unity. A wonderful addition to your spring wardrobe.

Modern romantic

Pearls, beads, bows, the cameo reinvented. Cameo jewellery, the ultimate vintage jewel that has existed for centuries. And just as with any classic jewellery trend, this one has often been in fashion. This trend has made its comeback and adds a touch of pleasure and history to all your outfits.

The pearly shell collection

These jewels give your outfit an instant haute couture feel. Sparkling beads and pearls combined with pearly shells make you shine. This haute couture collection is the gem of the Camps & Camps summer collection.

Read more about Camps & Camps on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/camps-and-camps

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