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Chrome: The Remnants collection

By Press Club

26 Nov 2021


Repurposed and Reclaimed - Nothing Left To Waste

Portland, Oregon: Chrome Industries announces their new Remnant Collection for 2022. Remnant products are built using excess material, ensuring minimal waste in the production process. Originally designed as a seasonal holiday colorway, the Remnant Collection was born from a desire to do better. Chrome has always lived around a built twice, buy once philosophy, making durable product built to last a lifetime.

The Remnant Collection spans a wide range of carry options including slings, backpacks and the iconic Citizen messenger bag. Chrome’s commitment to creating less waste, while still making products guaranteed for life. Each Remnant bag features a unique combination of scrap fabric, highlighted by an elevated leather griffin patch. This is a limited collection, available through the winter before it vanishes forever.

Collection Features:
● Iconic Chrome silhouettes in repurposed materials
● Leather Griffin Patch
● No two bags are the same - different repurposed fabric for each
● Seasonal Availability

Read more about Chrome on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/chrome