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Collection 01. A familiar place

By Press Club

9 Dec 2021


Manou is proud to present her summer ‘22 collection: A Familiar Place. The collection looks to her reality of staying in the Netherlands. The world stood still and nobody could move around the past two years. This made her look at her home country in a new light, a light she tried to bring into the collection.As always, at the heart of Manou’s work there is experimentation in pattern cutting and working on shapes and lines. In this collection with a special focus on the cable knit.

“I was looking at photos of Dutch fishermen in these blue cable sweaters and felt like there are such nice patterns in there. I wanted to give them a new purpose, a new function. Make them come to life in a different way.”

Making them come to life means that the cable got separated from the sweater. In the bomber you open and close the jacket by folding the cables around each other, creating an experience. The same style is used in two different bamboo jersey tops, both meant to emphasise the cable and the body in it. For her summer ‘22 collection Manou introduces a suit and a dress that are both made from curtain fabric that her grandma saved from years ago. A very retro vibe in a modern shape. She was thinking about the opposite of this grandma curtain and looked for comfort and sexiness.

Some items are made from repurposed crochet blankets, like the triangle top. There was a research on how to cut into the fabric and use it. “I really wanted to cut into it so I could work on an interesting shape and play with
it instead of being limited to the shape of the blanket.” There’s a play with filling in the straps and the triangle you find in the front is turned around on the back which makes it into a sexy crochet look.

There is also a new jeans suggestion, one without waistband. It’s all about a basic idea. A curve or a line or in this case; just to remove one element that seems important but can shake it up a bit when being removed. This idea of a simple line that can change the whole thing is also echoed in the thank top. The added green lines that turn the strap around with the sole purpose of turning it around and playing with the shape of the thank top.

Manou is always developing her ideas about clothing. The trench coat is actually two coats in one and the black jersey dress, which has both traditional Dutch clothing references as swell as swimsuit references, show how much she is experimenting with different ideas. There’s a whole scala to discover within clothing and she is inspired to do so.

Read more about MANOU on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/manou