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COS’ Summer 2021 Collection

By Press Club


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London-based fashion brand, COS, is pleased to introduce the summer collection. Inspired by the renewal of the seasons and the brand’s optimism for the future, the collection embraces warmer weather, whilst remaining versatile and timeless.

An amalgamation of statement pieces and relaxed essentials form the foundation of the wardrobe. Loose-fitting silhouettes are designed to live in, whether at home, on the beach or in inner city locations.

Committed to sourcing quality materials that limit the impact on the planet, the season focuses on fibres that require less water and pesticides to cultivate, such as linen and hemp. These fabrics are durable, whilst appearing weightless, fostering movement and draping. Repurposed materials are adopted throughout, with recycled nylon utilised in swimwear.

A continued focus on material innovation is highlighted within accessories. Developed by Bloom, whose manufacturing process helps to clean and restore the environment, men’s sandals feature a flexible, high performance foam partly made from Algae Biomass. COS have also collaborated with Antwerp-based brand Yuma Labs to create their first unisex sunglasses collection. Made from 100% recycled materials, the collection presents four unisex styles in exclusive colourways, each mindfully designed to ensure that they can be recycled when they reach their end life.

In Womenswear, a relaxed and effortless approach to the season endures, highlighted by throw-on shirt dresses and swimwear styled in a ready to wear guise. Feminine blouses and cut-out detailing harmonise with utility accents. A 90s minimalist aesthetic is achieved through streamlined silhouettes and clean line layering, while craftmanship remains central to the collection with an exploration of smocked details and braiding. The colour palette is framed by bright whites, contrasting against summer darks to inject positivity and vibrance.

Within Menswear, a streetwear influence resonates throughout the season; wide legged trousers, pull-on shorts and light layering pieces create a relaxed dress sense. Set dressing and graphical stripes elevate looks. The Menswear colour palette has a strong neutral ground, with a focus on shades of navy and green. Washed teals and light beige offer opportunities for tonal dressing.


Bloom is a brand by Algix, based in Meridian, Mississippi, USA. They transform air and water pollution into sustainable ingredients for consumer products.


A world without waste, that is the vision of Yuma Labs. The revolutionary sunglasses brand designs trendy glasses from recycled PET bottles. 100% circular glasses with fully removable frames. This way they are also easy to recycle at the end of their lives. Sebastiaan de Neubourg started the label in 2018 as W.R.YUMA. Fun fact: Yuma refers to the sunniest place on earth, namely Yuma in Arizona (USA).


Inspired by contemporary culture, the London-based fashion brand is known for collections that balance innovative design with enduring style, with every piece made to last beyond the season. COS creates modern, functional, and considered design and has supported the arts since inception through collaborations with established and emerging creatives, galleries and creative studios.

Read more about COS on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/cos

Images: Courtesy of COS

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