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DFNS is making the world a better place from the grassroots up

By Press Club


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Image: DFNS x Patta

At DFNS we’re all about community — it’s about people and the planet. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Patta Cycling Team. Along with legendary Amsterdam-based streetwear brand Patta, we’ll be promoting diversity and improving gender disparities in cycling from the ground up.

  “Just like the team at Patta, we believe that sport has the power to build communities and is instrumental in breaking barriers that can bring people together,” says DFNS CEO Arthur van der Kroft. “Patta's passion for cycling and their commitment to community and diversity align perfectly with our core values.”

  The Dutch are obsessed with cycling. Nearly 40 Olympic medals — including 11 golds — have been won, and Patta and DFNS are aiming to increase the involvement from diverse ethnic communities, improve gender gaps and encourage greater engagement from younger cyclists.

  Representation in cycling is crucial for an even more thriving and successful future for the sport in the Netherlands and around the world. Imagine the potential! That’s why DFNS is proud to work closely with the Patta Cycling Team.

  It’s all culminating in the PATTA 150 on July 1. To commemorate the abolition of slavery — Keti Koti — 150 years ago, we’re encouraging everyone to ride with us in solidarity and remember this momentous event of freedom.

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