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Diesel Rehab Denim - More recovery denim for FW23 and SS24

By Press Club


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Image: Diesel Pre-Fall 23 /Catwalk Pictures

Denim has been the core of Diesel’s DNA since 1978. As much as denim is the brand’s heritage and identity, it is a category that demands constant innovation, re-evaluation and evolution to stay creative, relevant and future-minded. For this reason, Diesel introduced Rehab Denim with their FW22 collection - starting with key pieces.

Since then, the brand has continuously worked on this pilot project, increasing the styles of Rehab Denim with each collection. Now, the brand is pushing the use of recovery denim forward with their FW23 and SS24 collections, building upon the pillars of sustainability and innovation that ignited the Rehab Denim project.

Rehab Denim - A new life for recycled fibers

With a circular approach partnering with fabric sustainability specialist Tejidos Royo, Diesel Rehab Denim represents Diesel’s most significant achievement to date in terms of sustainability. Incorporating scraps from Diesels own cutting waste into the manufacturing process, each garment is made with 100 percent recycled cotton and recycled elastane from pre-consumer waste blended with Tencel ™ Lyocell with REFIBRA technology. Dry Indigo® Technology is an innovative technique with zero water consumption which drastically reduces also the amount chemicals and energy used in the denim dying process.

Diesel Rehab Denim represents a reimagining of the denim manufacturing processes, reflecting a sense of irreverence and sense of humor in its name and design. Yet it is also an earnest reflection of the brand’s values and dedication to promoting better and innovative practices that are more modern, considered and responsible. Diesel Rehab Denim is an ongoing process of learning and evolving to implement the most effective sustainability practices into our denim legacy.

Diesel Rehab denim is available on diesel.com and selected Diesel stores worldwide since February 13th 2023.