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DIESEL "When together"

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A portrait of desire, with absence fueling the fire.

Breganze, Italy, February 14, 2021 — DIESEL presents “When Together,” a short film featuring eight real-life couples physically and emotionally reconnecting in bliss following periods of absence from each other’s lives. Whether isolated from one another by walls, streets, borders, or seas, it is time apart that has fueled longing, desire and the subsequent ecstasy of being back together. Something captured here through DIESEL’s daring lens: real, raw and intimate. Combined, they embody every form of love. “When Together” is the first campaign formulated under DIESEL Creative Director Glenn Martens. Deep down, it’s about looking forward to a world in which true connection may occur once again, without fear and without angst.

“Diesel, for me has always stood as a radical player with its blunt honesty and its sense of fun. Its unique voice has made it an undeniable icon in culture. I want to celebrate Diesel’s founding values and restart by building bridges through a message of hope, optimism and inclusiveness. We really are working for a better future,” says Martens.

Throughout its 40+ year history, DIESEL’s boundary-pushing advertising has always sought to challenge the status quo by normalizing taboos, highlighting social or environmental injustices, or commenting on the absurdities of society and/or politics. Yet this is all done with the intent of demonstrating “successful living” even in the face of adversity. From 2020 into 2021—and against all odds—DIESEL continues to believe that the power of inclusion has outlasted the proclivities of exclusion. Since its inception, DIESEL has given a voice to people of all genders, backgrounds, races and experiences—and this position spans across the globe.

In this new campaign, “When Together” emphasizes the importance of human connection after being deprived of it. The concept, its talent, and accompanying visual assets encapsulate one overarching thought: Being together is what makes life worth living. The still imagery and the corresponding film directed by documentary-maker Cheryl Dunn were shot on location in New York City, placing these eight partners in familiar settings and pointing the camera at their interactions and reflections on absence, desire and physical connection.

The film aspect unifies these narratives, highlighting the common threads that became apparent during our collective time of isolation—and the importance of human connections needed to repair the damage. Dunn took great care and patience in her casting and visual approach; she strived to capture humanity at its most authentic interchanges, including when it gets messy, or wet, or entropic. Additional short films will highlight zoomed-in “first again” experiences—the first touch, the first conversation, and the first moment of closeness after what we’ve been through. To continue the story in a digital context, archival capsules featuring memories from each couple will be shared on DIESEL's social media channels.

The overall creative concept and execution was overseen by The Sunshine Company. Director & Photographer: Cheryl Dunn Production Company: Alldayeveryday Post-Production: Exile


Our couples were cast in New York according to their wide range of different backgrounds and experiences of absence, the different feelings these have evoked and the sensations aroused through reconnection. From self-imposed periods of separation to work through their own challenges - to eight-months distance between their first and second encounters; on-going long-distance struggles, using separation as an artistic muse and the usual complications of modern life. These stories make for a rich mix of human life that invite the audience to recognize their own lives and struggles.


The comfort and safety of the cast and crew was one of utmost importance. Region-dependent COVID-19 regulations were taken into account during the production of the campaign. The full production team were PCR tested, isolated in advance of the shoot and temperature-checked on shoot day. With these rules in mind, we were not limited in our creative freedom to share these important stories with the world.

Read more about DIESEL on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/diesel

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