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Dutch Rainwear Brand Maium opt For Deeper Investment in Stock To Support Retail Partners

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The self-proclaimed 'Bad Weather Experts', Maium, have custom-built their entire unisex range of rainwear from recycled PET bottles and Organic Cotton. Purpose-built to suit cycling, all of their styles feature signature zippers on the side of each garment to transform styles into ponchos for bikes, staying true to their mission statement of being designed for movement.

As part of a clever production model, Maium invests in stock for both seasons, SS21 and AW21. This model helps retailers to restock and supply during the season, as the lockdown measures slowly comes to an end. This effective production model enables retailers to seamlessly partner with the brand, utilising the permanently available core collection, in addition to its bi-annual seasonal collections. Specific styles are available in different colours through various retailers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the UK and online.

About Maium

Inspired by years of wet commutes, Maium was started by two friends that grew up biking through the rain and saw nothing but traditional outerwear that lacked both style and function. With busy lifestyles and unpredictable weather conditions, MAIUM is a product of its environment, designed to help protect you from the elements through innovation in design, function and materials.

The fashion industry is one of the most environmentally harmful industries in the world, which is why forward-thinking designers must combine fashion and design to create sustainable, functional and unique alternatives. MAIUM uses responsibly sourced fabric that is not only highly durable and waterproof but is produced from recycled plastic bottles, does not contain any harmful substances and is manufactured under fair, safe and healthy working conditions.

Rainwear, by definition, is designed to protect from the elements, Maium has incorporated sustainable design practices in an attempt to restore the link to nature, proving that fashion and innovation don't have to cost the earth.

"Our movement is inextricably linked to sustainability and creates an environment in which we must always keep thinking about dealing with our planet. A style of living that is always on the move: unzip the signature zippers on both sides and transform the raincoat into a cycling poncho." - Maium

Read more about Maium on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/maium/