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Esprit - Organic Cotton

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Sustainable Spring Essentials Made from Organic Cotton

What are we looking forward to? Finally replacing the thick winter wardrobe with fresh spring styles, especially, if they are sustainable on top of that! The production of Esprit’s collection increasingly uses products with sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, which is grown according to strict standards without any pesticides or other synthetic fertilizers. The organic cotton used in Esprit products is certified with the Organic Content Standard or the Global Organic Textile Standard. Both standards prove the presence as well as the exact amount of organically grown materials in a final garment by tracking the supply chain from field to product and certifying each step of the delivery.

What does this look like? Esprit arranged the latest organic cotton basics & trends just for you!

The trench - The classic made from organic cotton

A Classic every woman should have in her closet: The Trench coat. This spring we combine it casually with jeans and a white shirt.

Basic shirts made from organic cotton

The white t-shirt: One of the key essentials that never goes out of style. Whether round neck or v-neck, these styles can be matched with everything.

Better denim made from organic cotton

Organic Cotton denim styles with extra-gentle washing designed for a better footprint: less energy consumption, less pollution, fewer chemicals. Natural dyeing processes from biodegradable plants create a beautifully muted color palette while protecting our environment.

Organic cotton socks

Sustainable styles extend from trench coats to accessories, as socks & tights. After all, we wear these right on our skin. The styles are not only super comfortable on the skin but also stand for a good choice!

Fair Fact: By 2021 Esprit aims to use 100 percent organic cotton, recycled cotton or Better Cotton. But Esprit is still aiming higher! The brand’s target is to replace all fibers with sustainable alternatives by 2023. In the meantime, conscious choices and innovation are the key to ultimately making a difference.

About Esprit

Esprit is an affordable premium lifestyle brand for high quality and consciously sourced apparel, accessories, bodywear and home wear, with worldwide distribution. Simplifying wardrobe choices through timeless, versatile pieces that can be loved for more than one season is at the heart of the brand. Since 1968 Esprit has innovated through responsible ways to engage with people and the environment, and currently ranks as one of the most transparent fashion companies in the world.

Available in Esprit stores and online. Read more about Esprit on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/esprit

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