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Everything you need to know about: All Skinwear

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All Skinwear, courtesy of the brand

All Skinwear is an all-gender supportive brand from Barcelona specialising in underwear designs for everyone. The label is not just a clothing brand, but a project that advocates for inclusiveness and limitless gender expression and strongly believes in the power of community.


All Skinwear was founded in Barcelona in 2021 by Maria Cabré and Mireia Palomeque Graells, the brand's creative director and product manager. They both draw on years of experience in the fashion industry, having previously worked at major companies such as Inditex and Sophia Webster. After reading and learning about the gender issues that arise from gender classification and realising that so many people suffer from having to choose which gender they belong to, Maria and Mireia decided to start a project to help society become more inclusive.

“We believe in people and we don’t believe in divisions. It seems that everything must be made for what society considers female or male. We want a united society with no body classification. We are mind changers and people supporters regardless their sex and gender. We are going to teach people that gender classification can be fluid,” says Cabré. The initiative was awarded the Premio Talento Cambra 2021 in the Equality and Solidarity category by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce last year.

All Skinwear, courtesy of the brand


The brand's purpose is to offer underwear for those who are looking for less conventional pieces and can't find these at other brands. All Skinwear’s first underwear capsule was launched in September 2021 featuring unique pieces in a minimalist and timeless style that were designed and crafted in Barcelona from locally sourced materials.

All bottoms are available in two different patterns: A, with a flat front; and B, with volume in the front part for those who need frontal capacity and also with an inner pocket to easily introduce a packer, a prosthesis that allows anyone to simulate a package. Escaping the conventional size classification, All Skinwear has developed its own sizing system too.

Following their inclusive manifesto, the brand also launched All Magazine, a digital space that aims to raise awareness and normalise various questions around gender and the transition process.

“It is the speaker of a community and a movement that is getting bigger each passing day. In addition, there is a didactic purpose behind it for all those potential customers who still do not know much about gender issues derived from the binary system imposed,” says Maria Cabré.


In February 2022, All Skinwear’s capsule underwear collection was extended with four new styles. The brand also offers a streetwear collection made up of garments and accessories with a smart urban style, as well as a swimwear collection. The products are available internationally through All Skinwear’s own online shop.

All Skinwear, courtesy of the brand
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All Skinwear
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