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Everything you need to know about: Gabor

By Press Club




Gabor is a family story, one that blends passion of craftsmanship with innovation. They are also one of the most famous shoe brands in Germany. Their ability to skilfully combine style and comfort continues to seduce a younger generation, with collections of shoes for women and men, as well as a selection of bags.


In 1919, Pius Gabor opened a shoe shop in Rosenheim, Germany, with a tiny corner dedicated to tailor-made fabrication and work shoe design. His creations quickly became successful, primarily because of the quality of the materials, design, and comfort, notions still deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA today. In 1945 WWII came to Rosenheim, causing the complete destruction of the shop, killing Pius and his wife who left five sons behind.


A year later, one of the Gabor orphans, Bernard, started putting together slippers made from tire rubber. Soon after, along with his brother Joachim, he traded his father’s gold pocket watch for his first sewing machine and opened his first shoe factory near Hamburg. A new American mounting technique called “California” was an important milestone for the Gabors. Word of mouth was unstoppable and this model became a best-seller. In the 50’s and 60’s, the brand primarily focused on specialisation, innovation and new techniques, while the 70’s brought about the internationalisation of the brand. Lines dedicated to men and younger clientele are launched and it seems that nothing can stop Gabor.


More than a hundred years after its founding, Gabor is still synonymous with know-how and unparalleled quality and comfort. The brand is also heavily involved in environmental programs in order to save water, protect endangered species and the use of recycled materials.

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