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Everything you need to know about: Hobo & Hatch

By Press Club

9 May 2022


Picture: Hobo & Hatch, official website of the brand

Hobo & Hatch is a sustainable brand from Western Australia that focuses on mindful, modern bohemian design that is made to last a lifetime. Inspired by the eternal wanderer, the independent spirit, the salt of the earth, sea creatures and vintage lovers, the label designs clothing, blankets, bags and accessories for women, men and children.

“With global recognition, the team are passionate about sustainability and design a product that's conscious of our environment and protect our Mother Earth. One-of-a-kind pieces merged with vintage, simple honest craftsmanship with elegant design,” Hobo & Hatch states on its website.


The sustainable label has been around since 2013. The brand works with local and global artisans who manufacture the products with a lot of love. A highlight of Hobo & Hatch's collection are the scarves, blankets and ponchos, which are hand-woven in Nepal on majestic wooden looms from soft yarn. According to the brand, the partnerships with global teams like those in Nepal offer the producers a sustainable income and have been in place for over ten years.


Ever since its foundation, Hobo & Hatch has been committed to slow fashion. The label promotes sustainability initiatives in the fashion industry, reduces its carbon footprint and sells eco-fair products to enable more conscious shopping. To support ethical consumption, the label limits its inventory to small batches and only creates what it really needs. It also strives to be plastic-free and use all natural fibres for its products.


“Each piece designed and handmade, tells a story... we want you, the wearer to cherish for years to come,” the brand says.

Hobo & Hatch’s products are sold through over 100 retailers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the EU and the USA, as well as through the company's own online shop at www.hoboandhatch.com (Southern hemisphere) or www.hoboandhatch.co.uk (Northern hemisphere).

Picture: Hobo & Hatch, official website of the brand
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