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Everything you need to know about: Kate Spade

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Image: Kate Spade, Business Wire

Kate Spade handbags have accompanied a generation of women through the millennial turn - and even three decades after the founding year, the brand is still a staple in many American women's wardrobes. Oscillating between classic and playful design, the bags have become an epitome of not only American fashion but just as much of the joy that fashion fathoms bring.


The brand was founded in New York by Kate Spade and Andy Spade in 1993. Starting out with handbags, the brand soon made a name for itself and gained recognition for a series of nylon handbags that became it-pieces among adolescent women living in the city. At the time, the brand met a price range between 100 and 400 US dollars, making luxury leather goods more accessible for young American and international women.


Soon, Kate Spade became one of the first lifestyle brands, selling not only products but rather the feeling of belonging to a community - and most importantly making fashion a source of joy instead of intimidation. A clothing and jewellery line was launched to compliment the Kate Spade aesthetics. After successfully building the brand to a global recognition, Spade sold her shares of the company to Neimann Marcus in 2006 and stepped back from her roles. In 2018 Kate Spade was taken over by Tapestry Inc.


Since the takeover, the brand has continued its legacy induced by the late founder. The collections are still synonymous with cheerful fashion, speaking to American and international women with quality, positivity and modern heritage. In 2018 Kate Spade - named Kate Valentine since she stepped back from her company - passed away, leading creative director Nicola Glass to dedicate the SS19 collection to the spirit of the late designer. The collection featured elements such as colourful prints, the emblematic spade symbol as well as glitter sprinkled all over the runway as a tribute to the designer's sparkling personality that was well appreciated in the fashion industry and New York’s fashion scene.

Image: Kate Spade
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