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Everything You Need To Know About: KÉDDO

By Press Club

21 Jun 2022


Keddo, official Facebook page of the brand

Footwear brand KEDDO was founded as a fashion start-up in the United Kingdom in 1990 with the mission to create unique shoes for the younger generation: designed by them and for them.


Kéddo has its origins in the UK but its first collection style was developed by designers from the UK, The Netherlands, Italy and Hong Kong. The brand started off by selling trendy gumshoes as its main product and with sizes starting at 30. The size range has since evolved up to 46 to enable both children and adults to be able to wear the shoes.

By 2016, KEDDO was one of the top twenty leaders in the global fashion footwear market. To avoid being seen as a fast fashion brand, KEDDO pays particular attention to product quality and comfort.


After the success of its signature gumshoes, KEDDO's designers launched a whole new concept to the market, which the brand referred to as ‘funky fashionable rain boots’.

With the help of a Dutch design studio, KEDDO obtained the European patent for a unique hidden wedge rain boot. The next collection of boots consisted of more than 200 fashion styles.

KEDDO uses top quality and natural innovative materials. Many shoes are made from recycled raw materials.


The brand’s products are available in the KEDDO brick-and-mortar stores in the UK, France and Russia. KEDDO shoes and accessories are also available worldwide through its official web shop and a number of international online retailers.

Keddo, official Facebook page of the brand
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