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Everything you need to know about: Nudie Jeans

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Image: Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish brand known for its sustainable, dry-wash denim that is made entirely from organic cotton.


Since its foundation in 2001 by Maria Erixon Levin, Nudie Jeans has pursued a distinctive vision to bring back the tradition and characteristics of authentic denim. Originally based on the idea to do things differently in the denim sector, the brand set out to re-establish dry-wash denim which had fallen into oblivion around the millennial turn. This special type of denim is broken in by the wearer as the laundering and washing process is skipped during production.


Nudie Jeans has pursued a sustainable business model before the term became a buzzword in the fashion industry. In their sustainable endeavours, Nudie commits not only to the environment but also to social causes and has been a member of Fair Wear since 2009. Their production process is made visible on their channels, supporting the idea of transparency for customers. The share of sustainable materials increased over the years, until the brand went 100% organic for all denim styles in 2012, by solely relying on organic cotton for their production. In 2017 the entire collection switched to exclusive use of organic cotton.

In the same year, Nudie Jeans launched a Reuse program that enables customers to give their pre-loved Nudie jeans back to the brand in exchange for a voucher. If the condition allows, these jeans are then sold in Nudie as ‘Re-use Jeans’ shops and at times online. Shortly after, the brand launched their Repair Shop concept to offer alternative ways of recycling and reusing to their customers. A decade later, the Repair Shop concept has grown into an international project, counting over two dozen Repair Shops worldwide, pushing forward Nudie’s aim to encourage wearers to buy less and use longer. The free repair policy is unlimited and cost-free for customers. Nudie Jeans is sold in over 50 countries, in stores as well as online and at selected retailers. The Nudie Jeans headquarters are, to this day, located in Gothenburg in Sweden.


Aside from continuously striving for innovation concerning denim itself, Nudie Jeans is focusing on a decrease of emissions connected to transport and support of their suppliers to transition to renewable energy.

Image: Nudie Jeans
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Nudie Jeans
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