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Everything you need to know about: Walk London

By Press Club

19 Sept 2022


Image: Walk London

Walk London combines Italian style with British design, resulting in high-quality, fashionable footwear for women and men with a classic, sophisticated touch.


Walk London started out as a footwear design agency in the early nineties. When the second generation after the founder took over, the family run brand introduced their very first own shoe collection in 2013. Ever since then, the brand has established a loyal customer base.


Ever since their early stages, the brand has pursued a vision of originality and fine attention to craftsmanship. Shoes from Walk London are created for everyday use - their range includes numerous styles, among them loafers, derbys, chelsea boots and sandals. The brand has maintained a close relationship with three manufacturers located in Portugal and India. By now, the brand is working together with well-known international online retailers such as Asos, Zalando and Zappos. In recent years, Walk London has emphasised their focus on sustainability and is now working exclusively with tanneries that are part of the Leather Working Group. In the wake of this, the brand started working with One Tribe Global. With this collaboration, Walk London supports the protection of the rainforest: with each purchase, customers can indirectly support the maintenance of 25 trees.


Walk London continues to share their passion for quality crafted footwear with their customers, inviting everybody to become a part of their journey and enjoy the combination of Italian heritage and London Lifestyle. To engage with their customers, Walk London has established a ritual where they feature pictures of the Walk London wearers on their Instagram and their website.

Image: Walk London
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